Monday, 24 October 2011

Pensions - SAUL update

Hello all - I know it's boring, BUT there are important changes being proposed to SAUL pensions.

See here for the changes, and here for the employers' letter.

Please, please send all feedback to Josephine Grahl or Danny Millum.

If you are NOT a UNISON member, please still send feedback - and join as quickly as possible by contacting Danny Millum.

Monday, 17 October 2011

London Living Wage and Sick Pay Campaign Updates

Protests were held on September 14 and October 3 to press the University on the immediate implementation of the LLW and sick pay.

The University has changed its position for the third time by starting a phased introduction of the London Living Wage this October. For example, cleaning staff will move from £6.15 to £6.68 this month and Senate house porters from £6.90 to £7.50. Senate House UNISON has been a key part of the campaign, and has been involved in negotiations with the University, and is delighted to see these low-paid workers realising the first tangible rewards for their efforts. However the campaign is not won yet, and Senate House UNISON continues to call on the University to recognise that at the moment they are still paying workers a poverty wage, and have done nothing to resolve the sick pay issue.

There will be another protest on Tuesday 18 October from 12h30 to 14h30 in front of International Hall (Lansdowne Terrace, in front of Coram’s Fields near Russell Square tube stop). It would be great if any branch members who could were able to attend.

Recognition Agreement

On October 5 Unison signed a recognition agreement with Balfour Beatty Workplace. Balfour Beatty Workplace was not legally required to recognise our union however they did so voluntarily.

This is a massive achievement, and means that all BBW workers (like University of London workers) will now be consulted over major workplace issues, and have a regular forum to discuss any problems.

They can also elect workplace representatives, who will have the opportunity to get training and get more involved in the union, all during working hours.

A lot of people worked very hard to secure this agreement, which sets a real example for other University contractors, and we also appreciate the co-operation of BBW in resolving this.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

London Living Wage Campaign - Demonstration Monday 3 October at 12 noon.

The Senate House London Living Wage and Sick Pay campaign will be holding a demonstration in the Russell Square car park at 12 noon on Monday 3 October to call on the University of London to implement the LLW and sick pay.

The last demonstration was a great success, and the University has already moved its position on the issue, but workers cannot understand why the LLW (set by Boris Johnson as the minimum to live on in London) cannot be paid now, in full.

It has been paid at SOAS since 2008, and is now paid in most Bloomsbury Colleges. Workers have already campaigned for a year at Senate House, and cannot understand why they are being asked to wait another year to be brought up to this minimum standard.

Senate House UNISON supports the demonstration, and urges all members to attend and support their low-paid colleagues.

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