Tuesday, 22 November 2011

November 30 - UCU are striking - please don't cross their picket lines

I thought I’d try and clarify what is happening on November 30 at Senate House.As I’m sure you know, millions of union members will be on strike across the country on that day in protest at proposed pension changes.

Many UNISON members will also be out, but those members, like ourselves in the pre-92 institutions have not been balloted, as changes to SAUL have not yet been announced.

However, UCU at Senate House are planning to strike that day.

Because of this, we have asked for and received confirmation that no-one need cross the UCU picket line.

Therefore, on 30 November you are free to take unpaid leave (as if you were striking) or annual leave. You just need to notify your manager the next day (although as a courtesy please feel free to call in as if calling in sick).

We would urge everyone NOT TO COME IN on that day – we will be supporting UCU, as well as all the other unions, in striking against pension changes which will AFFECT ALL OF US very soon.

Any questions / problems with managers – just let me know.

Best wishes


Danny Millum
Communications Officer
UNISON Senate House Branch
020 7862 8812

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