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Dear member,

UNISON and UCU are fielding a joint slate for the Information and Consultation Elections at the University of London. We need your vote.

The ballot opens on Monday 7 March 2016. As this date approaches you should expect to see your colleagues in UNISON and UCU out campaigning on this issue. Please do come over and say hello! We would be delighted to hear your views and will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

Why is this happening?

In last year's vote 66% voted to support your union representatives in negotiating new, comprehensive, and improved arrangements for information and consultation at the University covering all staff. A member of staff brought a successful appeal against this process, obliging the University to run this current election. Your colleagues in UNISON and UCU are standing again, and humbly request your support.

What do the UNISON/UCU candidates want to do?

UNISON and UCU are fielding a joint slate of candidates for the following the reasons:

  • Your colleague UNISON and UCU activists are trained negotiators who possess the skills to negotiate the best possible for deal for all staff.
  • Your colleagues in UNISON and UCU believe that the best interests of all staff lie in the strengthening and enhancing the current position in relation to information and consultation under UNISON and UCU’s status as recognised unions which the University is mandated to negotiate with. A separate information and consultation committee, running in parallel to current union arrangements, will not be able to achieve any substantial achievements for staff.
  • The branch wants to continue its role in winning real improvements for all staff over pay and conditions whilst ensuring the University, as an employer, improves its standards in consulting and informing all staff on issues which concern them.
  • Check out candidates’ statements below, along with a Frequently Asked Questions document.

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