Thursday, 28 January 2016

UNISON Annual Leave Claim

Today (28 January 2016), UNISON – Senate House and EdExcel branch submitted the following claim to the University of London on behalf of University of London members working in grades 1 – 6.

UNISON Annual Leave Claim  Bands 1-6 University of London
In line with clause 1.1 and 3.3 of the Recognition and Procedure Agreement between the University of London (“the central University) and UNISON we wish to table the following claim on behalf of all UNISON members employed in grades 1-6.

UNISON wish to open immediate negotiations with the University to secure parity across all grades in respect of annual leave entitlement as set out within the University Annual Leave Policy that currently facilitates for:

1.2    Employees on Academic or Administrative, Management and Professional (AMP) terms of conditions of employment with the Central University receive 6 weeks leave. Employees in other grades receive 5 weeks.

UNISON firmly believe that this policy contradicts one of the founding  principles of the University namely equality “that remains a commitment today in respect of all staff employed by the University”

We further believe the current clause 1.2 brings into question clause 3.2 of the University Single Equality Scheme.

The Claim

All employees, regardless of grade, employed by the University of London will receive 6 weeks annual leave.

We seek to open negotiations around this claim as a matter of urgency and at your earliest opportunity and further  seek to have the claim met in full and at no cost to our members.

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