Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Letter to the Vice-Chancellor

Senate House Unison branch strongly disagree with our VC’s support for a letter in the Telegraph defending the increase in student fees. While we recognise that Professor Crossick defends raising fees only in the light of the recent withdrawal of funding from higher education, the change in funding is also a political decision which must be opposed – and one which is not expected to save much money in the short term.

Higher and further education are vitally important not just for individuals but also for society. An educated workforce is an advantage for the country in many ways, and access to higher education for everyone is crucial if we are to emerge from the recession and build the economy. As workers in higher education we are also concerned about our own jobs and working conditions and about the increasing commercialisation of the higher education sector. We support the students, the NUS and UCU and oppose both the removal of government funding from the HE and FE sectors and the rise in fees that this will lead to. We call upon our VC to do the same.

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