Monday, 11 February 2013

Election of Senate House branch officers

Ahead of the 2013 AGM, a postal ballot will be held for election of Senate House branch officers.

The contested posts and candidates are as follows (candidates in alphabetical order of surname):

Branch Secretary                              Josephine Grahl
                                                                Catherine Morrissey

Branch Chair                                      Allison Franklin
                                                                Danny Millum

Vice Chair                                           Sonia Chura
                                                                Simon Meredith

Communications                             Matt Mahon
                                                                Simon Meredith

Education Officer                            Allison Franklin
                                                                Catherine Morrissey

International Officer                      Henry Chango Lopez
                                                                Marta Gryc
Women's Officer                             Alice Stevens
                                                                Rubby Thakur

The ballot papers and election statements will be sent out to members on Tuesday 12th February. You will receive a freepost envelope to return the ballot paper to the Regional office.

The ballot number for anyone who doesn't receive their papers will open from Monday 18 February to Friday 1 March – we will confirm what the number is nearer the time.

The deadline for return of ballot papers is Wednesday 6 March at 5pm  and the results will be announced at the branch AGM on Friday 8 March.

If you think that UNISON may not have the correct address details for you, you can update these online at (you will need your UNISON membership number to register). Alternatively you can call UNISONdirect on 08453550845.

Please use your vote! This is your chance to have your say about what the branch should be doing.

Ballot papers will also be sent to any new members whose membership forms are received by the Regional Office by 10am on Friday 1st March.

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