Monday, 17 March 2014

Terms and Conditions: Success at Last!

Negotiations took months of meetings. The campaign saw the combined efforts of Senate House UNISON activists and the support of UNISON members across the Greater London Region as well as interested students and other parties. Leaflets were sent, campaign funds were spent, protests were held. And the results are in.

The majority of Cofely employees have signed their new terms and conditions, with sickness absence now up to six months full pay (based on years of service), annual leave increased to up to 25 days a year, and all staff now have access to a pension, although confirmation of this has been understandably interrupted by the Cofely takeover of BBW, we hope UNISON will have details of the pension scheme soon.

There were a few hiccups with the new terms and conditions, with some members personal details were incorrect, but these were brought to the attention of Cofely immediately through the UNISON reps and dealt with swiftly with the return deadline extended accordingly. Everyone involved in bringing about the changes in the terms and conditions, especially the cleaners themselves, should be congratulated on all the hard work that went into the campaign at every level. These changes demonstrate what can be achieved when unions and employers work together for the benefit of employees.b>

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  1. Dear Dave,

    You have recently written a blog post on behalf of UNISON Senate House Branch, entitled “Terms and Conditions: Success at Last!” In this post you announce (4 months late) the fact that Cofely workers now have up to 6 months sick pay and 25 days holiday. You then attribute this victory to UNISON activists, negotiations and campaigning. This post is so ridiculous I seriously considered whether it was even worth responding to, however given that some uninformed individuals might read it, I guess it is important to set some facts straight. Given that nearly every sentence is either enormously misleading or just a blatant lie, I would ask you in advance to bear with me on the tedious nature of the task at hand. Read the rest here:


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