Monday, 2 June 2014

HE Pay Offer 2014

On 16th April HE employers made a “full and final” pay offer of 2%, in addition point 1 of the pay spine would also be increased by a further £30 bringing these members to the current rate of the living wage (£7.65) which equates to an increase of 2.2%.

London weighting for post 92 institutions will also increase by 2%, however pre-92 institutions such as the University of London are not subject to national negotiation. This branch will look to raise this matter at regional level and help to develop a strategy to negotiate an increase with our employers. Our current Lon-don weighting, and those of our fellow pre-92 institutions has been frozen since 1992 and is significantly different to those of the post 1992 universities. UNISON Greater Lon-don Region will be discussing a strategy to negotiate on this at a local level, we will keep our members informed.

UNISON’s Higher Education Service Group Executive, the elections for which are happening now, will meet to dis-cuss UNISON’s response. The HE Service Group conference met in February and passed a motion compelling the SGE to consult with branches regarding the 2013 HE pay dispute. They will discuss how best to consult branches and we will of course ask your opinions to feedback into our branch’s response. If we accept this offer then it is under the understanding that it will settle the 2014/15 pay negotiations and end the 2013/14 pay dispute. Do you think 2% is enough? Please get in contact with your thoughts, we will be consulting members soon.

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