Monday, 22 January 2018

Outsourced Staff - Update

Members will recall that on Weds 21 June 2017 we put our concerns re outsourced staff to management, signalling our intention to begin negotiations to bring staff back in-house. 

The University agreed to review conditions of outsourced staff shortly thereafter.

Since then, UNISON and UCU have been fully involved in the review. After six months of negotiations, we have managed to narrow down the range of options from seven to two, to be presented to the University’s Board of Trustees:

1.      in-sourcing of the 5 contracts included in the review, or

       a mixed provision with some coming in house and some remaining outsourced.

(Maintaining the status quo was one option but both unions were emphatic that this was not acceptable; this option is off the table).

In both cases some work will continue to be outsourced such as specialist maintenance of lifts or specialist compliance inspections.

UNISON will, however, continue to work to ensure all of our members and all outsourced workers are brought in house.

UNISON and UCU will continue to be involved in discussions if these options are taken forward to ensure fair, consistent and detailed analysis are undertaken before any decision is made.

UNISON and UCU  argued that the views of both outsourced and directly employed staff should be considered as part of this review.

As a result, all staff employed by the University will be able to participate in a survey on the current Facilities contractors and the future of these services . If you have any questions or concerns, please get in contact with us.

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